CLIFF VON EDGE . vibrational healing jewellery also known as wearable arts with gemstones that heal, regenerate, harmonize, cleanse and heighten the inner frequencies of human auras. These social conscious gifts are your wearable friends who will support you through your journeys in life, in creativity and in empowered manifestations.

The Idea

Inspired by the craftsmanship techniques used in creating ancient Chinese stamps and jewellery our design focuses on the raw textures of gemstones, crystals and metals. Our focus on creating expressive and beautiful pieces thrives on raw nature of the materials we use and helps us bring them to life.  



The Heritage

Our studio is located in Hong Kong, in area of Tai Ping Shan street. This historical street radiates throughout the whole neighbourhood.  
It accommodates not only our workshop, but is place where many artists settled and find inspiration.

100% Handmade

All of our products are handmade by us. Our proximity to Chinese heritage and craftsmanship  combined with the industrial charm of our location inspires us to new designs and techniques.

Core values

CVE is a loyal supporter to the LGBT community, it's supporters, friends and family. Involvement in community work and support variety of social programs and nonprofits working to advance equal rights for LGBT people is embedded into core values of our brand.